Sunday, September 27, 2009

Daring Bakers: Vols au Vent

First things first, whip out Wikipedia:

"A Vol-au-vent (French for "windblown" to describe its lightness) is a small hollow case of puff pastry. A round opening is cut in the top and the pastry cut out for the opening is replaced as a lid after the case is filled. Vol-au-vents can accommodate various fillings, such as mushrooms, prawns, fruit, or cheese, but they are almost always savory."

Almost always savory my butt. Of course mine aren't "savory". Anyways, ....

Remember when I tried puff pastry before? Remember how they didn't really work... Ok, ok. They didn't work at all. Well, I actually paid attention to the recipe this time; I chilled and rolled and turned just like Julia said. And it worked! Not as nice looking as some other bloggers (I haven't even checked my favorite bloggers yet today. I wanted to post before I looked at theirs and felt embarrassed by my own.)

See, they looked puffed!(ish)

They're really very good. My only issue? They're awfully buttery. I mean, I know. The recipe calls for an entire pound of butter, but it was a little overwhelming. At least I can claim some small amount of success. And now I'll go back to store bought.
Bon appetit!

My friend and I did not believe the "place a silicon baking mat (preferred because of its weight) or another sheet of parchment over top of the shells" part of the directions.
But it is necessary, see?! These came out lopsided!

The September 2009 Daring Bakers' challenge was hosted by Steph of A Whisk and a Spoon. She chose the French treat, Vols-au-Vent based on the Puff Pastry recipe by Michel Richard from the cookbook Baking With Julia by Dorie Greenspan.


anjelikuh said...

mmmm i'm loving all the fruits. what a perfect end-of-summer treat. Great puffs you got there!

Biff and Lexi said...

Bahahahaha! We didn't believe the silicon baking sheet / baking paper theory either! When we checked on them half way through, ours were wonky, so we re egg washed only one side, in an attempt to make them even out. It kind of worked a little bit.

a. maren said...

beautiful! my puff pastry always comes out tasting right but the wrong texture, too dense i guess. these are lovely!

Lena said...

Those strawberry filled ones look very good. Very refreshing. I am glad you didnt make they savory.

Candice said...

After whipping out wikipedia, I want to whip out a dictionary since I have no idea how to pronounce that! I would definitely prefer yours over a savory one any day :)

apparentlyjessy said...

I think they look yummy with all that whipped cream and fresh fruit! :)