Monday, January 18, 2010

Cherry Chocolate Cake

When you're a kid you don't get tragedy. Personal pain, yes, but the stuff on the news, the stuff that makes your mom cry, it doesn't really inspire emotion. Or maybe that was just me. But I think I'm only just starting to feel other tragedies, instead of just see them.
And then I was thinking,what are the statistical probabilities that I would be born in poverty, live through a natural disaster/war, or both? I imagine the're pretty high. I remember hearing once that if you make more than $25,000/year, you're richer than 95% of the world. It blows my mind, I'm so used to seeing just one way of living. All this around me seems normal. But in reality, only 5% of the world's population understands "living" the same way I do. It's a little overwhelming. Just do the best we can, I guess, and send what I can to Haiti.


Hilary said...

I felt a bit guilty, 'cause I was reading your very well put words about the just amazing cannot-even-put-it-into-words-over-the-top-good-fortune we enjoy (often obliviously), I was distracted and could not stop drooling over the cake!
Well said. And well baked.

a. maren said...

yeah it's kinda hard to food blog with all of this going on isn't it? feeling so powerless. but still, cherry chocolate cake = yuuuurm.

oonsky said...

You know, that's a sweet way to remind us how lucky we really are to have roofs over our heads. Regardless, the cake looks fantastic!

Candice said...

I agree, and need the constant reminder of how blessed I am and can't forget to look out for others. Um, can I have that cake?! I'm sick and staying away from sweets so I don't feed the germs, but oh my!