Monday, November 10, 2008

Scary Cheesecake!

Ok, so it's not really scary. But it is pretty cool, right?! I can say that because, again, I stole the idea from Martha Stewart. Oh, Martha. Why do I love you and love to hate you? Anyways, my cheesecake isn't as good as Cheesecake Factory, but someday it will be. And in the mean time, at least it looks good!
And now on to holiday baking!!!!


Lena said...

That looks like a wonderful cheese cake. But I love cheesecake. Also, I thought they were kind of hard to make?

Talina said...

That looks awesome! Are those plastic spiders? One day when I am rich, I am going to hire you to cater all of my fabulous parties.

Hilary said...

That looks so cool!
A cheesecake recipe we LOVE is Alton Brown's on the Food Network website. Soooooo good. It's my husband's favorite one to make.